Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Renfrow Hardware and General Merchandise

We donated 40 trays of Swamp Milkweed to Renfrow Hardware and General Merchandise in Matthews located at 188 N. Trade St. They are going to donate the plants to interested residents. Robbie, one of our 4th grade students helped deliver the milkweed. Here are Robbie's thoughts:

Today me and my dad went to donate some milkweed to Renfrow's. Honestly, I felt nervous because I didn't know what to say. When we arrived I thought that it was going to be hard to make them get the right idea of what me and the 4th graders were doing. I learned that they were getting a lot of requests for milkweed after the movie, Flight of the Butterflies came out. 

We donated 40 trays of Swamp Milkweed. That is about 240 plants. Even though I was nervous, it still made me happy to know I was doing the right thing and helping Monarchs.

Robbie, 4th Grade Student

                                                    Robbie with a tray of Milkweed

                                                    Robbie donating the Swamp Milkweed 
                                                    to Renfrow Hardware!


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