Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We took another load of Milkweed to Renfrow Hardware this afternoon. They were really excited to offer the free milkweed to their customers. Here is Jake's blog entry about the experience:

Today we dropped the milkweed off at Renfrow's. Robert the owner said that they put out a copy of the article next to the milkweed. He said people were really excited to take the plants and help the migrating Monarchs. When we got there, I found out that all of the milkweed was gone because they gave it all away. We brought fifty more packs of milkweed to fill the section back in. I feel like I'm really helping the Monarch migration!

Jake, 4th grade

Robbie and Jake dropping off the Milkweed with David Blackley, Owner of Renfrow Hardware

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  1. I am extremely glad that people are willing to help the Monarchs so urgently. Those people should be rewarded for standing up to help!